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Fresh'in Wood

French manufacture wood 100% French

Wood, noble , natural and biodegradable material , gives your product a green image , authentic and qualitative.

By his conservative virtues, wooden tray is ideal for conditioning your fresh products: fruits , vegetables, cheeses ...

Dimensions are taken at the higher level of the tray and may have differences of more or less than 5 mm .

BAB 005

130x90x35 mm

BAB 001

140x90x45 mm

BAB 001H

140x95x55 mm


120x60x40 mm

BAB 006

dim. 240x140x40 mm

BAB 004

175x140x45 mm

BAB 020

dim.185x115x55 mm

BAB 175

dim. 175x75x40 mm

BAB 025

185x105x40 mm

BAB 180

195x115x70 mm

BAB 225

 240x110x40 mm

BAB 430

195x130x40 mm

BAB 430 Basse

195x130x35 mm

BAB 010

185x115x55 mm



Range of round baskets for presentation and enhancement of quality products (contact us)