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Cook'in Ring

Wooden rings range

Wood is noble and natural, ideal for sweet or salt tarts

  • Reduced Transport.
  • Optimized and space saving packaging.
  • Easy and quick setting up.
  • From the oven to the dressing table via the shop window.
  • Perfect and natural looking.

C a u t i o n The cercle has a sense :

Wooden vertical fibers are inside, otherwise one can break the circle.

  • How to adjust the circle : maintain both ends together inserting the carved edges one into the other. When the circle is made, ends are hidden inside the circle.
  • Largely grease the mould, do not use a spray.
  • Then shape the tart inside, direct on the edge as it was a stainless steel circle.
  • Here you are !
  • Ready to make a premium tart in a easy-to-go mould, light, noble, natural and attractive.


Range :

Diameter x Height

6 inches x 1 inch

7 inches x 1 inch

9 inches x 1 inch

11 inches x 1 inch

6 inches x 0.6 inch

7 inches x 0.6 inch

9 inches x 0.6 inch

11 inches x 0.6 inch